Conference - Lara Downes

Casa Comum, Reitoria U Porto | August 4 | 18h00

We are honored to host a captivating conference with the remarkable pianist, Lara Downes, whose significance in the music world today is unparalleled. With a career that spans continents and genres, Lara has established herself as a visionary artist, celebrated for her captivating performances and innovative musical projects. Known for her exquisite interpretations and ability to connect deeply with audiences, Lara has been hailed by The New Yorker as "a pianist with a rich, invigorating musicality." During this conference, Lara will share insights into her illustrious career, from her early beginnings to her current status as a trailblazer in the classical music scene. Additionally, she will discuss her latest album “Love at Last,” from which she will be performing works the following day, August 5th at the Museu Guerra Junqueiro. Prepare to be inspired as Lara Downes takes us on a musical journey, revealing the passion, artistry, and unwavering commitment that have propelled her to the forefront of the music world today.

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