Conference - Oscar Colomina i Bosch

Conservatório de Música do Porto | August 6 | 11h00

Join us for our annual "From Analysis to Interpretation" conference, hosted by the esteemed Dr. Oscar Colomina i Bosch— composer, conductor, and Dean of the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía in Madrid. This illuminating event explores the intricate relationship between musical analysis and interpretation, shedding light on how a deep understanding of a composition can inform and shape intentional musical performances. Dr. Bosch, renowned for his expertise in music theory and performance studies, will delve into the captivating piece "In the Mists" by Janacek, subjecting it to meticulous analysis, unraveling its compositional intricacies, and examining its historical and cultural context. Through this exploration, attendees will gain valuable insights into the creative decisions that can elevate a performance from merely accurate to profoundly moving. Whether you are a performer, music enthusiast, or scholar, this conference offers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of music and discover new avenues for artistic expression under the guidance of Dr. Oscar Colomina i Bosch.

This conference is generously sponsored by Barenreiter Editions. 

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