Masterclass - Luis Fernando Perez

Open Masterclass
Conservatório de Música do Porto | August 8 | 11h00

Join us at the Porto Conservatory of Music as we present a piano masterclass led by the extraordinary pianist, Luis Fernando Perez. With a stellar career that spans continents and garners accolades from prestigious competitions, including the Leeds International Piano Competition, Luis Fernando Perez brings his unparalleled expertise and profound artistry to guide aspiring pianists to new heights. During this exclusive masterclass, participants will have the unique opportunity to receive personalized coaching and invaluable insights from a true virtuoso. Drawing from his extensive repertoire and deep musical knowledge, Perez will delve into the intricacies of technique, interpretation, and expression, providing guidance that will unlock new dimensions of musicality. Don't miss this remarkable opportunity to learn from one of today's most accomplished pianists and elevate your musical understanding under the expert guidance of Luis Fernando Perez.

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