Luis Fernando Pérez

Closing Concert
Palácio da Bolsa | August 9 | 20h00

The Porto Pianofest closing concert at Palácio da Bolsa promises to be a spectacle of rare beauty. One of the great Spanish pianists, Luis Fernando Perez, will interpret the monumental Iberia cycle, the impressive masterpiece of Spanish music, written by Albéniz. Palácio da Bolsa is the perfect venue for this event, whose grandeur and elegance contribute to the fascination of the show.
Luis Fernando Perez is a renowned pianist with an exceptional ability to convey the essence and passion for the music he plays. His interpretation of Iberia is surely a highlight of the festival, showing his technical skill and musical sensitivity. The Iberia cycle is a musical journey through Spain, evoking the sounds, rhythms and spirit of the country. The combination of Perez's mastery of the piano with the impressive architecture of the Palácio da Bolsa promises to create a memorable experience for all in attendance.

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Isaac Albéniz—— Iberia Suite

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