2020 Digital Edition

Over 12h of video recordings made exclusively for Porto Pianofest 2020
by 75 artists from 16 countries
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Our Mission
Gathering Artists worldwide.
Creating a stage for musicians, presenting the best music

About the 2020 digital edition

Given the global pandemic in 2020, Porto Pianofest quickly took steps to continue its mission and activity via an online platform, we ajusted to the situation and launched an online edition.

We feel that music, more than ever, is a refuge, a unifier, a way to sort out the mess of our inner thoughts, and more importantly, a practice that brings beauty amongst the chaos of our world.
Besides bringing new, exclusive content to you daily via our website, we have created a digital archive from pianists near and far for you to enjoy at your leisure even after the festival week.

To our 2020 artists, we thank you immensely for your time, generosity, and perseverance to keep making music. You have been an inspiration to our festival team as we work to move this online festival forward.
To all our viewers, please continue to support the arts.
We need your help to keep presenting these talented artists.

2020 Artist Roster

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