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André Rodrigues

Born in Barcelos, André Rodrigues began his career in photography during adolescence, trying to visually document ornithological observations with his parents. At that time, he did not imagine that photography would be predominant in his life. André graduated in Biological Engineering from the University of Minho, and decided to leave the field of engineering in 2016 to pursue photographic arts. In 2018, he completed the Professional Photography Course at IPCI (Porto) under the guidance of António Pedrosa. Since then, he has worked as a freelance photographer in many diverse areas, collaborating with publications such as the Público newspaper, and most prominently, as the photographer for Porto Pianofest since its beginnings in 2016.Although beginning as a photographer, André's role with the festival quickly expanded to producer and media specialist— where he assists in administrative tasks, works within festival communications, and handles media components; such as, concert recording, livestreaming, and photographing. During the festival in August, André additionally directs a team of media assistants.