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Catarina McNally

Catarina McNally is a design and communication specialist whose work in both digital and print mediums has been praised for its streamlined aesthetic, creativity, and contemporary elegance. As a designer, Catarina has worked with esteemed communication companies such as Duall Studio and Exclamação Agency, while having an extensive list of international freelance clients, including Porto Pianofest, with whom she has been collaborating as their lead designer since 2019. Catarina is passionate about art and culture, and is excited by the designer’s ability to transmit information in a collaborative and imaginative way. She is well-versed in brand identity, website creation, graphic design, social media, and all areas of visual content. Catarina’s work with Porto Pianofest can be seen through the organization’s website, social media, and print material around the city of Porto throughout the summer months. Additional work by Catarina can be found at www.behance.net/catarinamcnally.